Borgo Schirò, Churchscape

by VacuaMœnia



Notes from the artist

“Borgo Schirò, Churchscape” has been composed with field recordings made beetwen the summer of 2013 and 2014. The composition can be divided in two parts, two different but complementary visions. Two ways of looking at the same place from different perspectives.
At first, the use of recorded materials (glass, soil, gravel, stones) creates, overlapping, delicate layers of sound, symbol of the static space. Later, however, sound characteristics of the materials are enhanced by the extrapolation of their grain, time values and resonances and proposed mixing them to a reconsideration of inner and outer diffusion space.


released September 21, 2014

Special thanks to: Enrico Coniglio, Leandro Pisano, Jon Strandberg from Telinga Mics, Eng. Angelo Morello from the ESA office and who supports our research and who we met in this years.
info [at] vacuamoenia [dot] net
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