by Fernando Godoy



Dodici is a stereo version of an installation that was presented in the rural village of Ginestra, Southern Italy, during the Liminaria Festival 2016.

The work was born during a double residence (in the rural areas of Pollinaria and Montefalcone) where a project of sound recording of the kitchens of rural families was developed. There were recorded preparations, interviews and stories, including poems and old songs that talked about food. In addition, during the period of residence in Montefalcone, recordings of the sound of the bell were made, due to the importance of this sonority in the town as also because some stories linked the bell with the daily rituals of feeding.

This resulted in an installation in a dark room, which used an old furniture provided by a Montefalconese lady, including a table, a chair, a lamp, a metal plate and two copper pots. The installation generated a listening experience from the use of transducers on a plate and the pots, where the metallic "speakers" reproduced a three-channel version of the audio that constitutes this publication.


released March 15, 2017
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