by Enrico Ascoli



"Nubicuculia" is the fourth track born re-elaborating the field-recording taken by the Paris-based artist Enrico Ascoli in the South of Italy during the artist-in-residence project Barsento Mediascape/Interferenze 2013. It's a narrative dialogue between many different sound materials recorded exploring the territory, not with a documentary intent but looking for their timbrical and harmonic properties: musical seeds, full of a remote esotism, that come to light manipulating in a musical way ancient agricultural tools, the stone shingles of a "trullo" roof, the stalactites of a cavern, the rows of grapevines.

A very special thanks to Leandro Pisano and Enrico Coniglio for releasing this work, to Vito Santoiemma who allowed me to explore it's universe of ancient tools, to Giuliano Mozzillo who has given a visual and dynamic soul to these sounds using the video documentation of the artist residence shooted by Antonello Carbone and himself.


released January 21, 2013
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