Piàn di Resnèi

by Emanuele Magni



Notes from the artist:
“Piàn di Resnèi” is a recording captured in Pian dei Resinelli – Lecco (Piàn di Resnèi in local dialect), a plateau at an average elevation of about 1200 metres, in february 2017. The place, once a sky slope, now has become a bob slope for children.
It was one of the last days with snow on the ground, just before the first symptoms of spring: you can hear it from the sound of the snow. Luckily it was not a week-end day, so no crowd in the place and this translated in a balanced soundscape, congruent with the concept of the Acoustic Niche Hypothesis (Bernie Krause), the idea that vocal organisms in a healthy habitat, tend to establish acoustic or temporal bandwidth in which to vocalize unimpeded by the signatures of others.
In addition to that, the place itself has a comfortable acoustic, due probably to his conformation: two hills on the sides, a huge building on the back.
The field recording is pure, meaning there is no audio treatment except a bit of equalization and compression for mastering reasons.


released June 21, 2017

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