Sceneries from the Castellated Wall

by Yasuhiro Morinaga



Yasuhiro Morinaga is a Japanese Sound Designer & Sound Archivist. “Sceneries from the Castellated Wall” is a work based on the location sounds. Through the postproduction, these location sounds are treated electronically.

1: For “La Donnaccia” [Recording Materials from Irpinia, Italy 2010-2011]

2: Parade [Recording Materials from Londonderry, Northern Ireland 2009]

3: Ear of Dionysius [Recording Materials from the Artificial Limestone Cave, Ear of Dionysius, in Syracusa, Sicilia Island 2011]

Thanks to: Leandro Pisano, Enrico Coniglio, Antonio Izzo, Antonello Carbone, Domenico Sciajno, Roll Multimedia, Izzo Family, Masaki Fujihata, Ars Associazione Siciliana per la Musica da Camera.

Recommendations: These works would affect your listening experience better with the headphones.

Mastering by Tripi H. Studio
All content under CC license, please visit our website.


released June 21, 2012

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