Sonidos del Subconsciente (I)

by Asférico



Asférico presents the first part of "Sonidos del Subconsciente" (Sounds of the Subconscious). A series of pieces based on the combination of massive manipulations of field recordings, captured around the world since 2007, and analog synthesizer sounds designed specifically for this project.
"Sonidos del Subconsciente" is an imaginary soundtrack of a timeless, deep, dark, blurred and noisy world with millions of files and unknown connections and processes constantly running.

In memory of my friend and mate Juan Diego B. (1974-2012).
Special thanks to Galaverna team, Alessia M., Aurelio M., Mischa V., Montse R. and all Störung team & fans.

Mastering by Alex Gámez.
Photo by Svyatoslav Vagradyan.
All content under CC license, please visit our website.


released December 21, 2012

Galaverna | approaching post-digital sound




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