terra d’água

by Luís Antero



The sound work Re:Fujaco, composed by @c (Miguel Carvalhais and Pedro Tudela) and released by Galaverna netlabel, was the motto and inspiration for the sound work 'terra d’água'. Re:Fujaco is diffusely considered one of the best sound work in a rural context for 2012. Later, I decided to make a pretty bold yet natural decision addressing Miguel and Pedro’s invitation of to remix their sound piece (the result is track number 2). Inspired by the work of the duo @c, I traveled toSerra da Estrelaand made field recordings in Covão da Ametade, at that time a place full of snow and with the cristalline Zêzere river, running slowly and loudly. Then I decided to get out in the wild, a few kilometers from Parque Natural da Serra da Estrela towards Alvoco da Serra, where I met a nice couple working hard, digging the land for the sowing season, and they kindly allowed me to record the sounds of their doing. Water is also a constant throughout this region, running through green valleys and jumping ancient terracings, now abandoned for lack of labor force. The remaining sound recording was taken in the Hydro Electric Central of Vila Cova a Coelheira, in the water mill of S. Gião and in the Water Treatment Station of the Alvoco das Várzeas village, on the banks of the AlvocoRiver.

This work was constituted as an approach/tribute to the two elements of “terra” (ground) and “água” (water), which in here are drown together in years of popular, environmental and architectural history. 'terra d’água' can also be seen as a further contribution to the promotion and preservation of the acoustic heritage of this area of the country, intent that I carried on since 2008 and that can be followed on the web platform www.luisantero.yolasite.com.

A very special thanks to Miguel Carvalhais and Pedro Tudela, who kindly accepted the invitation to remix the sound piece terra d’água and also to Enrico Coniglio of Galaverna, early enthusiasts of the work presented here. Thank you!

Luís Antero, april 2013

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released June 21, 2013

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