The birds of Nilo

by David Velez



Notes from the artist

'The birds of Nilo' is a sequence of six recordings captured in the small municipality of Nilo in the department of Cundinamarca (Colombia) whose average temperature of 27º C (81º F), ranks among the highest in the country. The material was captured in a narrow creek close to the Pagüey River where many birds gathered early in the morning and sang their tunes.

The crowded vegetation around the creek, the low air density caused by the high temperatures and the multitude of singing birds produced an immersive experience where I perceived the birds as vertexes of a room while the reverberating trees worked as walls. This aesthetic approximation to acoustic spatial depth where architectural and geometric patterns are used to read a natural place is what I wanted to develop and articulate on this release.

‘When you walk 25-30 feet above ground, it is a miracle, because you are still in the city … but you are flying above the city. You are in the middle of trees, and that is a moment of beauty.’
– Renzo Piano


released September 21, 2015

Thanks to Enrico Coniglio and Leandro Pisano.

Photo cover: Lina Velandia

Dedicated to my dad Alvaro Vélez who introduced me to sound and architecture.
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